What we do

Rope Access Skills

Rope Access NZ LTD has a very diverse skill base and completes contracts in many fields such as:

Height Work

Rope Access New Zealand is a height specialist company. We provide safe work systems at height and in difficult access areas.

Assisting Other Trades at height

Rope Access New Zealand has completed many contracts assisting other trades by either placing the trade person at the location needed or by carrying out the work for them.

Crack Testing (NDT)

Rope Access New Zealand’s core business is NDT crack testing of stainless steel vessels for the dairy, pharmaceutical and food industries. This is the works we specialize in and have done for twenty one years.


Rope Access New Zealand can provide stainless steel welders for vessel repair work at height and in confined spaces.

Vegetation Control

Rope Access New Zealand has been involved in vegetation control for cliff/ bank stabilisation and collecting and propagating endangered native fauna for DOC

Confined Space Work

Rope Access New Zealand’s team is highly trained and very proficient in working in confined spaces as this is our core business.

Building Maintenance

Rope Access New Zealand has completed many building maintenance contracts e.g. painting, sealing. Cleaning and inspection work

Inspection Work

Rope Access New Zealand has completed inspection work on dams, transmission towers. Mines, chimneys, bridges (car and rail)

How it Works

Our Process

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1. Book Appointment

We will come to you for scope of work including a site visit for quote purposes.

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2. Setup

We are a fast & efficient and emphasize safety & hygiene in all work environments.

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3. Rope Access

We will provide fully trained personnel & all safe work systems.

Food Safety

Hygiene Control

Rope Access NZ is totally committed to food safety and hygiene control for our clients.

We understand the major impact to your business if any Food safety / Hygiene controls are breached such as foreign matter and pathogen’s All Rope Access NZ equipment is cleaned and sanitised before it arrives on site and re sanitised before entering your plant according to your site procedures Rope Access NZ runs a comprehensive intrusive maintenance logs for any work on a product contact surface all equipment is logged in and logged out.

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Please feel free to call us for a site visit, quote, or any other requests. We are only to happy to help!

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