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Rope Access NZ LTD is New Zealand’s most experienced rope access company with over 90 years of combined experience in the industry. Rope Access carry out a wide range of contracts in many fields including inspection work, non-destructive crack testing, bio security, building maintenance, and vegetation control. With over 3800 successful projects completed, and more than 70 happy clients, Rope Access pride themselves on their unblemished safety record.

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Dairy Industry Specialists

Rope Access New Zealand work predominantly in the Dairy/Pharmaceutical Industry and has done for over 21 years. We understand the hygiene & critical risks that can happen in the industry. We complete many contracts throughout the dairy industry worldwide.
Other than crack testing we carry out cleaning sanitising of powder storage vessels, pregasser packing bins powder driers, cyclones and baghouses. We are involved in internal visual inspections throughout the manufacturing plant, Identifying foreign matter, product build up in difficult access areas and possible plant malfunction or CIP issues.
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Stainless Steel Expert

Rope Access New Zealand ltd specializes in non-destructive crack testing of stainless steel and uses predominantly the white light method in accordance to visual inspection standard AS: 3978-1996.
Rope Access New Zealand ltd have been using this method for over 21 years and found it to be more superior, due to its effectiveness including being non-destructive and non-invasive in a limited time frame. Rope Access New Zealand ltd is totally committed to preventative maintenance and problem solving, including the use of white light crack testing as it is non-destructive, non-invasive including less time consuming.
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Safety Standards

Work place safety is absolutely paramount to Rope Access New Zealand. Rope Access New Zealand invests a large amount of time and money into Team training, safety systems and safety equipment.
Rope Access New Zealand has received many safety merit awards over the years. Click here to see some of our awards.
Food Safety

Hygeine Control

Rope Access is totally committed to food safety and hygiene control for our clients. We understand the major impact to your business if any Food safety / Hygiene controls are breached such as foreign matter and pathogens. All of our equipment is cleaned and sanitized before it arrives on site and re sanitized before entering your plant according to your site procedures. We run comprehensive intrusive maintenance producers for any work on a product contact surface, including all equipment is logged in and logged out and double checked.

Hygeine Control
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